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From the Author

       The purpose of this book is to introduce to you my words of thought and expressions contained in "The Last Protégé of Marvin Gaye.”  All of the media coverage of the death of the legendary Marvin Gaye in 1984, was not actually true.  There are many books that have been written about him and some that are just so off and out of perspective.  Economics and a lack of money can make people react and do things that are not true.  After what I have seen and heard, I decided fifteen years ago to write a book that would let people know that I was a part of Marvin’s life during his last days.  The movie and entertainment industry appears to want to promote his legacy as a substance abuse addict one, who was out of control.  With Motown on Broadway, opening in 2013 the book entitled “My Brother Marvin,” written by Zeola Gaye, along with the success of the stage play, “My Brother Marvin,” David Ritz book, entitled “Dividend Soul” coupled with the announcement of Lenny Kravitz to play the role of Marvin when he was living in London during the 80’s,  I had to come forward as a voice in the wilderness.
    My experience with Marvin dates back in 1975 when I was first introduced to him via a telephone conversation which I remember the details of it to this day. Originally, I wanted the whole story to be told in one shot.  While wrestling with the contents and having to go through a series of writers and reporters to assist me in developing the book, I am certain that someone would be interested in my story.  So here I am, I had to move forward.  Continually, I would tell my family and friends that I was going to write this book.  After the death of my mentor the legendary Marvin Gaye, I was left with only a memory of how things would or should have been done. 
     I had to think upon the fun things that Marvin and I did together, like playing basketball and I sometimes won. He was the type of player that positioned with his body.  He was an amazing player because I just didn’t know anyone who could play like he did. Gary J (aka) (Glimpse) and Marvin would argue every game about how Marvin would position himself.  Needless-to-say, we traveled together all over the world and he taught me a lot during the time that I shared the stage with him and during family gatherings.
     In many manuscripts and documentaries, the family has allowed my name to be mentioned in a very positive light.  I’m grateful for my surrogate sister Zeola who released her story and didn’t leave me out of her book.  I encourage all who have not read it, please do so. How can I express myself to you about my life changing experience with a legend?  For many years, I had to take the bitter with the sweet.  I had to endure the fact that a dream of traveling the world with Marvin had ended.  Yet, it was only a beginning of me continuing to keep in my memory while performing his greatest hits.  Seeing and meeting people who were acquainted with Marvin, I learned to understand that Marvin was actually gone, but his legacy lives forever.
     The actual book will consist of twenty chapters but since we have been delayed in our timeline, my editor (gparis) asked if we could do a preview of the book for public relations/marketing.  I want the world to know and too understand the role I played in the life of the legendary Marvin Gaye, Jr. and his entire family.  These people were my mentors and I am not just the “Protégé of Marvin Gaye” but also the “Protégé of Frankie Gaye.”  Because they both surrounded me with their love and it’s the type of love that I hold dear to my heart with the family today.  Although I am many miles away, our love remains the same.  Sixty (60) days before the death of my mentor, Marvin Gaye felt Sesil's loyalty as a surrogate family member proved solid and therefore deserved to be helped in the industry.

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