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OSEAS and Lujon Records


May 1, 2013

Press Release:  Immediate Release 
“Save the Children, Saving the Babies”
The legendary recording artist(s) Cecil T. Jenkins, Jr. (aka) Sesil, “The Last Protégé of Marvin Gaye” and Delecta “AL” Johnson (aka) Lujon of the famed group Sesil & Lujon, wish to express their heartfelt sympathy to the families of Newtown, Connecticut.  This tragic event has devastated our country and has forever casts a shadow over our most precious commodity, “our children.” 
Throughout their 40 years in the entertainment industry, they both have dedicated their lives and careers to bring awareness about the plight of our children throughout the world. They are committed and have made a decision to take their fight further and bring it to our “Back Yards.”  During their careers, they have been fortunate to receive many blessings which have aided them in pursuing their dreams as fathers and grandfathers.

This tragedy has been an overwhelming experience for our nation as a whole.  Twenty first graders and other lives have been taken. While it is an unfortunate situation, we must continue to advocate for our children throughout the world.  There are many who have not been given an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.  This recent tragedy is a prime example.
With all being said, Sesil & Lujon would like to extend to the world their newly released song “Save the Children Saving the Babies” from their CD entitled “KAN’T U C (the things going on in the world today.)”  Anna Gordy Gaye, the former wife of Marvin Gaye is accredited with the concept of the song. 

Sesil & Lujon have decided to pledge 100% of the proceeds of their single, “Save the Children Saving the Babies” to various children’s organizations throughout the world.  50% of the proceeds will go directly to the families and children of Newtown, Connecticut whose lives will never be the same because of this heartbreaking experience.  The track will be available for sale on ITunes. They are both challenging everyone to take action and do their part, because “Every Child Has A Dream” and deserve for their dream to be fulfilled.
For information please contact OSEAS (757) 469-9183/ (757) 286-3159 or Lujon Records (562) 440-9761.


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